Narrative Shorts

By Flyway Film Festival (other events)

Saturday, October 21 2017 9:00 PM 11:00 PM

Join us for this year's collection of twisted, dark and comtepletive short films.

The News Today- Directed By Lisa Donato

The familiar and mundane moments between two guys in love become precious in an instant.

***A short film inspired by the Orlando tragedy at Pulse Nightclub.***

Haygood Eats- Directed by Hazart

A bickering husband-and-wife catering team (or is it husband-and-beard?) is shooting a cheesy TV ad, and we get to see the hilarious outtakes.

Body Image- Directed By Kim Garland

A woman is tormented by her compulsion to stay thin.

Vanita- Directed By Kevin Pontuti (WI/MN Showcase)

Vanita explores topics related to obssesive compulsive behaviour, notions of self image and destructive behaviours related to vanity.

Connie- Directed By Joel Garber

Ambivalent about her pregnancy, Connie attempts to withstand the desert, her husband, and herself. 

Cured- Directed By Adam Zuehlke

After being quarantined, Amy's return home creates tension. Can the once infected ever return to the life they've led before?

Girl Meets Roach- Directed By Christopher Zatta

Dumped just before Christmas, a brokenhearted young woman forms an unlikely friendship...with a cockroach.

The Devil Needs A Fix- Directed By Ian Ebright

An ambivalent reporter will get a big break if his interview with the Devil goes as planned. 

911- Directed By Alison Guessou

A 911 dispatcher answers a call from a distressed couple about a suspicious car.

Kettlefish- Directed By Travis Oberlander

A young couple's toxic relationship prevents them from deciding what to do with the dead body they've got hidden in their bathroom.

In The Skip Distance- Directed By Emily McNeill

A young girl alone in the wilderness finds analog technology.